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Call for Applications - Master's Thesis Prize in Area Studies 2022

CITAS and the Leibniz ScienceCampus Europe and America are pleased to anounce the lanuch of the third edition of the Prize for Outstanding Master's Theses in Area Studies at UR. The prize promotes the development of research and teaching with relevance to area studies in the fields of social sciences, humanities, law and economics. It was awarded for the first time in 2020 and demonstrates the value of the close cooperation between the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) and UR.

Candidates can either nominate themselves or be nominated by their advisors. As well as students taking MA degrees, the prize is open to those completing Staatsexamen (in law for example) or those studying for a teaching degree. The top prize is 400 EUR, with two second prizes of 200 EUR. The deadline for applications is 6 November 2022. Please find the call for applications here in English and here in German.

As well as prize money, the winners also have the chance to publish in the Blog-Journal Frictions. In spring 2021, two texts by Jana Stöxen, who received first place in the inaugural edition of this prize for her study “Legacies of Romanian Socialism”, published two texts there. More details on the previous winners of the Regensburg Area Studies Prize can be on the CITAS page.

Call for Applications for 2023/24 - Berkeley-Regensburg Doctoral Exchange Program

CITAS is pleased to invited applications for the doctoral exchange programme with the Institute for European Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, for the 2023/24 academic year. The deadline for applications is 30 November 2022. All applicants must be based at the University of Regensburg and/or IOS. You must still be a PhD researcher when completing your stay in Berkeley, i.e. you may not yet have submitted your doctoral thesis for assessment.

Please find the call for applications here in English and here in German. More details on the doctoral exchange program and applying to Berkeley can be found here.

KNOW IN Workshop

From 14-15 July, the CITAS Research Network KNOW IN - Knowledge Infrastructures will host its third workshop: Exploring Practices of Infrastructuring. Starting at 14:00 on 14 July in SG.214 (CITAS), the network members and associated researchers will discuss How exactly do infrastructures come into being? What role do distinct actors play in the construction, maintenance, and exploitation of infrastructures? How exactly do infrastructures function and enable (or hinder) processes of transfer, translation, and circulation, and finally, how can this be conceptualized and illustrated? The programme is available here. You are welcome to attend individual sessions and talks, as well as the whole event.

Lecture Series "Frictions and Transformations of Globalization"

CITAS is organizing the lecture series "Frictions and Transformations of Globalization" in cooperation with the ScienceCampus "Europe and America in the Modern World" in the upcoming summer semester. It takes place on Mondays from 18:15-19:45 in H19 (Sammelgebäude). The winners of the 2021 Regensburg Prize for Outstanding Master's Theses in Area Studies will receive their prizes in the lecture's first session on April 25. More information on the lecture series is available here. The full programm can be downloaded here.

Award of the 2021 Regensburg Prize for Outstanding Master’s Theses in Area Studies

We are pleased to announce the recipients of awards in the 2021 Regensburg Prize for Outstanding Master’s Theses in Area Studies. Find out more about the three winners and their research here. The prizes will be formally awarded at the opening of the next CITAS-ScienceCampus lecture series on 25 April 2022. The call for applications for this year’s edition of the prize will follow in summer.

DIMAS - Department for Interdisciplinary and Multiscalar Area Studies

DIMAS - the Department for Interdisciplinary and Multiscalar Area Studies - is currently being developed. Here you can find an outline (in German) of the questions that will be explored at DIMAS and which professorships will be involved.

CITAS and the acting Area Studies Professors are offering numerous area studies courses for UR students in summer semester 2022







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