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We are pleased to announce that two of the "Beyond Canon_" fellows have each been granted their own DFG position.

Dr. Mari Mamyan has been granted a position with her project on "The Acts of Thomas Rewritten: the Apostle Thomas in the Armenian Tradition".

From 2013 unil 2019, Dr. Mari Mamyan was a research assistant at the Institute of Ancient Manuscrips Mashtots' Matenadaran, Yerevan/Armenia. She was awarded a PhD  from Yerevan State University in 2018. Since January 2019 she has been working at the "Beyond Canon_" Center in Regensburg on  'Synoptic Edition of the Armenian Infancy Gospel with Three Additional Versions (Armenian Tex and English Translation)' based on previously unpublished manuscrips.

Dr. Thomas Tops has been granted a project on "A Social-Historical Study of Truth-Telling in the Acts of Peter and the Acts of Thomas". After completing his doctoral thesis at KU Leuven and PThU Groningen, which was awarded the highest grade cum laude, Tops has been working at the Beyond Canon Center in Regensburg since October 2021 on a book about "Truth-Telling in the Gospel of John and the Early Acts of the Apostles". In his work, which is influenced by his philosophical, philological and theological training, Tops combines current issues with historical perspectives.

Link to the PDF version of the flyer

Link to the workshop flyer

13. Oktober 2022


We are pleased to announce that this year's Kavanagh Lecture of the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale University was given by Prof. Dr. Harald Buchinger.
The reading took place Thursday, October 13, 2022, under the title "Deposition Rites: Dramatic Liturgy and its Media between East and West".

A brief description of the lecture via the ISM Institute's website:

„This year’s Kavanagh Lecture will be given by Professor Harald Buchinger, Chair of Liturgical Studies at Regensburg University in Germany. Deposition rites, that is, ritual entombments of symbols of Christ’s dead body on Good Friday, have long been an emotional climax of Holy Week. As dramatic rituals and multi-medial representations of biblical history, they gave rise to innovative artistic, poetic and musical genres and exerted cultural influence far beyond liturgy. While deposition rites have been abandoned in the early modern reformation or recent reform in most Western churches, the Epitaphios procession is still one of the most popular services in Byzantine Christianity. The lecture will investigate the history and meaning of these prominent elements of Christian liturgy. Historically, it will be argued that the ritual may have spread from West to East and therefore against the widely assumed general trend of liturgical influence; hermeneutically, the character of mimetic rituals and their mediality will be discussed, not least in view of their theological and spiritual bearing.“

You can re-watch the entire lecture either via the Institute's own homepage or directly follow the attached YouTube link

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