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Materials development

Focuses in the materials development by molecular beam epitaxy are:

  • self-assembled nanostructures
  • two-dimensional carrier systems in silicon-germanium and arsenide-based heterostructures
  • nuclear spin engineering (molecular beam epitaxy of single Si and Ge isotopes)
  • development of magnetic semiconductors, in particular (Ga,Mn)As and Ge alloyed with Mn  

Model systems

Model systems currently under investigation are

  • qubits
    1. electrostatically defined quantum dots in a nuclear spin engineered silicon-germanium environment
    2. electrical g-factor switching of carriers in a silicon-germanium environment
  • manipulation of ensembles of spins in semiconductors
    1. spin injection devices based on (Ga,Mn)As
    2. physics of self-assembled nanomagnets embedded in a semiconductor matrix
    3. physics of III-V magnetic nanowires
    4. optical spin injection and detection in silicon nanostructures
  • silicon-based photonics using self-assembled germanium islands as active emitters.

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