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Document delivery: Subito

What is subito?

Subito is a paid document delivery service of scientific libraries from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Via subito you can order copies of articles from a journal or a book and books for loan and have them delivered to the address you specify. Delivery takes place within three (normal order) to one working day (urgent order).

You can find detailed information on the information page of Subito:

How do I order with subito?

A subito order is understood to be a targeted title search in the subito catalogues and thus the order of an article copy from a journal or the order of a book for loan. In both cases, the desired title is listed in the catalogue as orderable stock of a supplier library.

subito distinguishes between two services:

offers the creation and delivery of copies from printed magazines, series and serials as well as single pages from books.

enables the loan of books.

You can find detailed information on the Subito information page:

What are the costs for using subito?

You can register online and free of charge.

The costs incurred vary according to user groups (pupils, students, commercial users, private individuals), service (essays, books) and delivery.

Example: Students pay five euros for a journal article sent by e-mail.

Detailed information can be found on the information page of Subito:

How do I collect and return media?

Via subito you can order copies from journals/books or books for loan and have them delivered to the address you specify.

Copy delivery:

Due to changes in the copyright law that came into force in 2008, delivery by e-mail is not always possible, but in some cases only by letter or fax. The best way to find out which delivery is possible at which cost is to conduct a concrete search in the Subito database.

Book loan:

If you borrow a book, the book will be sent to you as an original by post.

The loan period is usually about 4 weeks, but can also vary depending on the stock. The loan period is noted on the delivery note. After the loan period has expired, the book must be returned by post to the respective supplying library at your own expense. We recommend sending it as a parcel, as it will then be insured. Detailed information on the loan period and return shipment can be found on the delivery note that accompanies the book delivery. An extension of the loan period is only possible in agreement with the respective supplying library. Please contact the respective library directly. You will find the contact persons of the supplying libraries on the delivery note or on the subito homepage under "supply libraries".

You can find detailed information on the information page of subito: www.subito-doc.de

How will I be notified?

Information on individual orders and the processing status can be viewed at any time in the order tracking system.

Copies are delivered by fax or mail, depending on your choice.

Contact persons for subito

We are happy to help you with questions or problems concerning direct delivery services at the University Library of Regensburg

Contact person:

Gabriele Boesl

E-mail: gabriele.boesl@ur.de

Phone: 0941 943-3943, Fax: 0941 943-1958

Central Library, Room 5.38

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