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FAQ: MultiMediaCenter

Multimediazentrum, MMZ

Which media can I digitise in the MMZ?

The MultiMediaCentre offers different possibilities for digitising printed and micro material as well as slides depending on the type and quality of the original.

The following print, audio, and video media can be digitised for academic purposes in the scanner room of the MMZ (central library room 519A):

Can I scan in the MMZ myself?

Yes, after instruction by the MMZ staff.

Do I have to register to use the equipment?

Yes, the use of the devices is regulated by a booking list. You can register with the MMZ team by mail, telephone or personally.

Is it possible to get support with questions about scanning?

The staff of the MMZ will be happy to advise you, explain how to use the equipment and are available for questions and problems during scanning.

Are there operating instructions for the devices?

Yes, quick guides are available in the scanner room. In case of problems you can also contact the MMZ staff at any time.

How can I save my digitised material?

Depending on the amount of data you need a USB stick or an external hard drive, burning to CD or DVD is possible; smaller amounts of data can also be sent by e-mail.

Can I also commission the digitisation?

Yes, you can also use our fee-based scan order service. Please refer to the web pages for the fees incurred for this service.

What is the fastest way to scan lecture notes?

Our feed scanners process paper stacks up to DIN A 3 with up to 136 pages/minute, if desired double sided, in one operation (duplex). The originals must be prepared before feeding, staples and adhesive labels must be removed!

Up to which size can documents be scanned?

Documents up to DIN A0 can be scanned in one go, larger documents must be scanned in parts.

What are the differences to the book scanners in the reading rooms?

In contrast to those in the reading rooms, the book scanners in the MMZ are equipped with a glass plate, offer a higher scan resolution and the digital copies are immediately saved on a hard disk. In addition, you will be competently assisted in scanning at the MMZ.

Which video and film media can I digitise at the MMZ?

VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Video8, Digital8 and DV tapes. Video digitisation

What audio material can I digitise at the MMZ?

Records with 33/45/78 rotations per minute, audio cassettes (MC) and tapes from 2.4 to 38 cm per second. Audio digitisation

How do I search for films?

You can search for films in the Regensburg catalogue plus.

Who can order the taping of television recordings?

For copyright reasons, television recordings can only be ordered by members of the University of Regensburg for scientific purposes.

Is access to the Archive for Advertising Research (RAW) free of charge?

Yes, for scientific purposes you can register for free as a user of the Regensburg Archive for Advertising Research (RAW).

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