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Contact persons

Subject librarian

Gabriele Gerber

Gabriele Gerber

Philosophy/Theology, Room 1.2.06
Phone 0941 943-3436, -1608
E-mail: gabriele.gerber@ur.de

Departmental librarian

Kathrin Speich

Philosophy/Theology, Room 2.2.13
Phone 0941 943-3678
E-mail: kathrin.speich@ur.de


Site plans of the sublibraries

Lageplaene-bibliothekSite plans of the 13 sublibraries

A 3D overview plan shows the reading rooms in the respective faculty buildings.

More detailed floor plans provide you with information about the accesses within the respective building when you click on them.

Reading Rooms with subject allocation

Overview of the reading rooms (PDF) with subject allocation.

Map Reading Room Art History (Philosophicum 2 Gallery)

Skizze Lesesaal Philosophicum 2 Galerie

Map Philosophicum 2 Gallery (PDF)

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 08:00h to 22:00h
Saturday: 09:00h to 18:00h
Sunday: 10:00h to 18:00h

Differing opening hours will be announced on notices and on the homepage of the University Library.

Short Introduction

Media inventory

(As of October 2012)

  • 14,676 monographs and journal volumes in the open access area in the Reading Room Philosophicum 2 Gallery
  • 36,722 Monographs and journal volumes in the central holdings
  • 90 subscribed printed journals
  • 1,169 electronic journals
  • 62 databases
  • 343 dissertations
  • 1,820 Psychological tests in the Testothek
  • 580 textbooks in the textbook collection
  • 1,578 e-books
  • 469 Monographs in the General Reading Room

Collection profile

The University Library of Regensburg acquires literature on all sub-areas of psychology taught at the University of Regensburg. The main focus is on current study and research literature, textbooks and reference works ( lexica, encyclopaedias, handbooks), literature on current fields of research and monographs on important individual topics.

At present, 90 journals in printed form are kept up to date. The print media are increasingly supplemented by electronic media. Thus, the University Library now offers access to 1,169 electronic journals in the field of psychology in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB), various literature databases from all areas of psychology (e.g. PsycInfo, Psyndex, PsycArticles, Web of Science) as well as a large number of e-books. 

Within the scope of its financial possibilities, the University Library of Regensburg always tries to acquire the literature you need. Please inform us of your acquisition suggestions.

Finding Literature and Media

Important shelfmark beginnings

Local identifier Locations
71/... Reference holdings for Psychology, Reading Room Philosophicum II
00/... Central Holdings in the Central Library. Titles can be ordered
17/... Textbook collection in the Central Library. Titles can be borrowed
23/... Dissertations
6001/... CD-ROMs at the lending desk Philosophicum II. The CD-ROMs can be borrowed
7100/... "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Mühlberger
7101/... "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Kuhbandner
711/... "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Greenlee
715/... "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Bäuml
716/... "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Lange
717/... Tests. (contact)
719/... "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Dreisbach
722/... "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Kudielka-Wüst
724/... "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Fischer

The CL-CZ systematics for psychology: How is the literature organized?

In the Psychology Reading Room (as in all other reading rooms of the University Library of Regensburg including the textbook collection) the books are arranged systematically according to subject areas, i.e. all works on a specific topic are placed next to each other. By "browsing" through the shelves you can get an overview of the holdings on a specific topic in the reference section.

Section Description
CL Journals
CM General. History and Methodology
CN Reference works
CP General Psychology
CQ Developmental Psychology
CR Differential psychology (personality psychology)
CS Diagnostics
CT Tests
CU Clinical Psychology
CV Social Psychology
CW Applied Psychology
CX 1000 - CX 6000 Educational Psychology
CX 7000 - CX 9500 Psychology of religion and art
CZ Peripheral areas of psychology

Acquisition suggestions

Scientific Publishing and Open Access

Publications of the University of Regensburg - Psychology

The publication server of the University of Regensburg has the goal of providing evidence of the publications of the University of Regensburg and, if possible, making them freely available (Open Access). The inclusion of older publications is possible at any time and is encouraged.

The University pays the publication fees for publications in open access journals. Registration form

Subject-specific weblinks for psychology

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