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Dr. Shan Eschborn

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Eschborn, S. (2020). 影视文学的教学案例分析:以午夜巴黎中的美国人形象与怀旧为例 [A Case Study of Teaching Film as Literature: American Characters and Nostalgia in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris]. In S. Tian & H. Li (Eds.), 中国政法大学教育文选(第27辑) (pp. 77-86). Beijing, China: China University of Political Science and Law Press.

Eschborn, S. (2019). 甘地自传中的自我形塑及其成因探究 [On Self Image in Gandhi’s Autobiography An Autobiography or The Story of My Experiments with Truth and Its Causes].宝鸡文理学院学报(社会科学版. 39(4), 106-111. doi:10.13467/j.cnkij.bus.2019.04.016

Eschborn, S. (2019). 论奈保尔在父子家书中的印度想象和文化身份认同 [The Imagination of India and Cultural Identification in Naipaul’s Letters between a Father and Son]. 河西师范学院学报 35(4), 101-107. doi:10.13874/j.cnki.62-1171/g4.2019.04.018

Zhang, W., & Eschborn. S. (2019). 英美大学文学理论课的兴起与发展 [The Rise and Development of Courses of Literary Theory in British and American Universities]. 太原师范学院学报 (社会科学版) 18(3), 92‒96.

Eschborn, S. (2019). 论无名印度人自传的书写策略 [The Writing Strategy of The Autobiography of An Unknown Indian]. 太原师范学院学报 (社会科学版) 18(2), 48‒55.

Eschborn, S. (2016). 鹦鹉夜谭:印度鹦鹉故事的文本与流传研究 [The Parrot’s Night Talks: A Comparative Study on the Diffusion of Shukasaptati]. Beijing, China: Encyclopedia of China Publishing House.

Eschborn, S. (2016). 波斯译本鹦鹉传中的插画研究[On the Manuscript Painting of the Persian Tuti-Nama]. In Eastern Literature Studies Center at Peking University and Institute of Oriental Studies (Ed.), 东方研究2012–2014 (pp. 165–175). Yinchuan, China: Sunshine Press.

Eschborn, S., & Eschborn, U. (2016/2017). Nabokov’s Lolita in China: Its Reception and the Rise of Popular Culture. Nabokov Online Journal 10-11, 1‒18. www.nabokovonline.com/uploads/2/3/7/7/23779748/9_pan_shan_and_ulrich_eschborn.pdf

Eschborn, S. (2014). 2013年南亚当代文学比较研究 [A Comparative Study on Contemporary South Asian Literature in 2013]. 中国图书评论, 6, 108‒111. doi:10.3969/j.issn.1002-235X.2014.06.027

Eschborn, S. (2014). 以弱胜强型故事之比较研究 [A Comparative Study of ‘The Weak Defeats the Strong’ Motif]. 内蒙古师范大学学报(哲学社会科学版)4, 91‒95. doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1001-7623.2014.04.014

Eschborn, S. (2012). 从无名到知名:论无名印度人自传之出版 [From Unknown To Well-known: The Publication of The Autobiography of An Unknown Indian by Nirad Chaudhuri]. In H. Liu & B. Zhang (Eds), 东方作家传记文学研究 (pp. 189‒196). Beijing, China: Peking University Press.

Eschborn, S. (2009). 菲尔多西笔下人与动物所体现的人类中心主义思想 [On the Anthropocentrism in Ferdowsī’s Shāhnām]. 华西语文学刊11(1), 172-176, 266.

Eschborn, S. & Jiang, T. (2007). 论杜拉斯小说中“中国情人”形象的变迁 [A Comparative Study of the Image of the Chinese Lover in L’amant]. 首都外语论坛 1, 365-371.


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