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Research in our group is focused on the preparation and chemical transformation of new compounds in anhydrous liquid ammonia, and the crystallization and characterization of the obtained ammonia-rich solvate crystals. Besides investigations of the chemical structure and hydrogen bonding in ammoniates, special attention is paid to the field of molecular homo- and heteroatomic cluster anions and chalcogenido metallates of group 14 and 15.

Posteraward: 49th Symposium for Silicon Chemistry in Edmonton

1st place for Corinna Lorenz

From May 29th to May 31st 2018 the 49th Symposium for Silicon Chemistry together with the 101st Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition took place in Edmonton. Especially Bob Wests work was celebrated, on the occasion of his 90th birthday. PhD students had the possibility to present their work in oral and poster presentations. In this context Corinna Lorenz was awarded the first rank 130 € poster prize for her presentation on "Solvation Experiments with Polysilicides in Liquid Ammonia".

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Current Information

31.03.2021 - Results of the first repeat exam IC MG/CC

The results of the exam inorganic chemistry maingroup/complex chemistry can be found on the homepage of AK Prof. Wolf.

Place and date of the exam review will be published as soon as known.

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Current Research Breakthroughs

11.04.2018 - First Solvate Crystal Structure of the Ligand‐free Tetrasilicide Tetraanion in Rb1.2K2.8Si4·7NH3

In our publication in the journal Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie... more

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