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Examination procedures

Examinations within the Bachelor and Master program Chemistry

From winter semester 2012/13 a first time registration for an exam via FlexNow is only possible at the regular examination date. If you are disease-related disable to take the exam (medical certificate), you can register your first attempt at the re-examination date.

If you fail the examination the first time your are automatically registered for the re-examination date in FlexNow by the responsible office.

In case of twice failing the examination you get a written invitation for an oral final module examination. This exam covers all the courses contained in the module. A failure of the oral final module examination leads to the final failure of the Bachelor examination.

Important Note: Without a timely registration in FlexNow there ist no review of the examination!

Resignation of examinations

If you are disease-related disable to take the exam you have to resign from the examination. Otherwise you will stay registered for the examination and in FlexNow will be recorded a score of 5.0 (failure).

Please send the resignation form and the medicinal certificate to the Examination Office Chemistry.